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I'm a description


since 1986​

When I was little, I would sit on my Grandmother's kitchen counter and watch her prepare meals for our family.  It was always something homey, beef stew, goulash and tuna macaroni salad are the most vivid offerings.  None the less, out right comforting.  I began by stirring, usually a simple sauce or gravy.  Then, she taught me the art of preserving.  This is where my love for food grew.  Enjoy our lush garden all year long?  Yes Please!

I have always had a certain respect for food.  A garden full of vegetables and legumes prospered, making it my duty to take over.  My Uncle and Mom taught me the responsibility of when and what to pick. 

Sharing my passion with others and making your Special Day that much more memorable is my ultimate goal.   

It all began one day in my Grandmother's Kitchen
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